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  • Business Licenses

    The City of Heflin is proud to be home to numerous businesses. Staff at City Hall is here to help new business with the many questions you may have including how to obtain a business license.

    Below is a list of important information on how to obtain a license:

    State license or certification may be required for certain business types before approval of application. Please include any license or certification with application if available.Verification of zoning will be required for any new business locating within the City of Heflin.

    Fees and Method of Payments Business license fee depends on business type or activity. Cash or Check are only method of payment available. Please make checks payable to City of Heflin.

  • Zoning Permits

    City of Heflin Zoning Permit

    The Planning and Zoning Department issues all zoning, permits, building permits, annexation of property into the city limits, and also assists in determining the proper land use for properties located within the city limits. All inspections of new construction and renovations to determine compliance with the building code are handled out of this department.

    Please contact 256-463-2290 before purchasing property or beginning construction of any type within the city limit to determine proper land use and also to inquire on building permit requirements.

    Manufactured Homes being moved into the city limits must be approved through permit before the home is moved into the city. Permits may be obtained at Heflin City Hall in the Planning & Zoning Department. Photos of the home must be attached with permit showing the home, plus HUD seal.

    All signs are regulated through the City of Heflin Zoning Ordinance. Before installing any type of sign a permit must be issued through the planning and zoning department.

    Questions regarding Flood Plain and Storm Water Management may also be obtained through the planning and zoning department.

    Copies of the City of Heflin Zoning Ordinance are available by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contacting Planning and Zoning at 256-463-2290

  • Building Permits


    The City of Heflin requires a permit for all construction covered in the City of Heflin Building Code Ordinance #2015-04-14A. Applications must be turned in at City Hall along with all required paperwork and documentation before a permit will be issued.

    All plans must be reviewed by building inspector and city engineer before any construction can begin on the project.

    The City of Heflin follows the following codes:

    • International Building Code 2009
    • International Residential Code 2009 (Excluding Part 8, Chapters 34 – 43)
    • 2005 Edition National Electrical, NFDA 79.
    • International Mechanical Code 2009,
    • International Plumbing Code 2009,
    • ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low Rise Residential

    Copies of the codes are available for review at the City Clerk’s office at 850 Ross Street between the hours of 8AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday. 


    For inspections on any building or electrical construction please contact City Hall at 256-463-2290. 

  • Sales Tax

    Sales tax for the City of Heflin is collected through RDS (Revenue Discovery Systems). Sales tax remittance is due on the 20th of each month. The City allocates a 3% sales tax within the corporate city limits, and 1 ½ cent tax in the police jurisdiction. For more information and to register with RDS please go to the following link:  revds.com/taxpayer .

    For a zoning variance request contact the city clerk.

  • Water & Sewer

    The City of Heflin Water Works and Sewer Board consists of a 5-member board appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The Water Works and Sewer Board meets on the Third Monday of each month at the Water Works and Sewer Board offices located at 1219 Almon Street, Suite F, Heflin, AL. For more information call 256-463-2201.

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